Banking Services for Corporates

Given the privacy that requires quality and speed in providing
banking services, we have allocated a variety of banking services for corporates
and institutions; to satisfy their ambitions.

Documentary Collections

The bank provides incoming and outgoing documentary collection service. Documentary collection documents are considered one of the methods of payment for the prices of goods or services in international trade, where the seller (exporter) ships the goods to the buyer (importer) and sends shipping documents for the goods directly or through a bank operating in his country, to a bank operating in the country of the importer to hand it over to the importer, in exchange for immediate payment of the value (D/P) or acceptance of the time withdrawals pertaining to it (D/A), or without paying the value of (FREE OF PAYMENT) in the case of advance payment. This method is considered one of the most common Payment methods, and the easiest, and less expensive, especially if trust is built as a result of a previous transaction between the exporter and the importer.