Unrestricted Investment Deposits

Investment Deposit Account

We designed this account to give you the opportunity to invest your money with us, and grants your full entitlement to profits on it, with an investment deposit or more, for multiple periods of time, while managing it through online banking.


  • The period of the unrestricted investment deposit is one year, three years, or five years.
  • This deposit deserves full profits on the balance of the deposit in the event that it is not broken during its period according to the duration of the deposit
  • Unrestricted investment deposits in local or foreign currency.
  • The bank invests unrestricted investment deposits with its funds in one base on the basis of absolute legal Murabaha.
  • Profits due to the unrestricted investment deposit account are added to the account previously specified by the customer.
  • The customer is granted a certificate for each investment deposit.

 Investment Deposit Terms:

  • Open current account.
  • Fill out the deposit link form.

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