Banking Services for Corporates

Given the privacy that requires quality and speed in providing
banking services, we have allocated a variety of banking services for corporates
and institutions; to satisfy their ambitions.

Industrial Financing

Industry is one of the most important forces of development and milestones of the national economy of any country, especially in developing countries, as it contributes significantly to providing job opportunities, reducing unemployment, diversifying sources of income, production and exports, raising the growth of gross domestic product, reducing the impact of economic fluctuations in countries, and contributing to providing foreign exchange resources.

In this respect, Saba African Bank has designed a program dedicated to financing industrial projects of all sizes and sectors, including financing construction, industrial machinery and production lines, and financing industrial requirements and raw materials (large, medium and small projects), whether these projects are existing or new, with an encouraging competitive profit margin, and in installments which suits the cash flows of the activity.