Current Account

Current Account

With Saba African Bank, the entities are granted a current account that allow them to perform daily transactions with ease and convenience through a combination of branches and internet banking services along with a range of services and benefits.


  • Cash and cashless withdrawals and deposits.
  • Obtaining checkbooks in local and foreign currencies.
  • Performing internal and external transfers for the purposes of the activity.
  • Receiving incoming local and international transfers for the purposes of the activity.
  • Paying employees' salaries through the bank.
  • Financing the employees of the entities.

Account Opening Requirements:

  • Fill in the account opening form.
  • An official letter of the authorized signatories from the respective authority.
  • A copy of the approved documents and permits from the respective authorities.
  • A copy of the Articles of Association of the entity.
  • A copy of the identity card or passport of the authorized signatories.
  • A 4×6 photo of the authorized signatories.

Institutions & Agencies Services