خدمات الاستثمار

Unrestricted Investment Deposits

This service is designed for companies and commercial entities to invest their surplus funds with the bank’s funds with multiple options of terms (one/ three/five year terms).


  • The term of the unrestricted investment deposit is one year, three years, or five years.
  • Investment deposits are payable to annual profits to be recorded at the end of the year.
  • Unrestricted investment deposits are in local or foreign currency (US dollar).
  • The bank invests unrestricted investment deposits with its funds in one base on the basis of unrestricted legal Murabaha.
  • Profits due to the unrestricted investment deposit account are added to the account previously specified by the customer.
  • Obtain the necessary funds to purchase goods/items, within the limits of the deposit balance exiting it.
  • The customer is granted a certificate for each investment deposit.



Investment Deposit Terms:

  • A current or savings account for the customer.
  • Fill out an investment deposit application form.